An Interview With The Creepshow

| Questions Answered By Matze |

“Death At My Door” is out in September. How long have you been working on the album?

Sean: We have been working on “Death At My Door” for over 2 years. Half of us live in Montreal and half live in Toronto, so in between tours it was difficult to find time to get together and write, so we would send our song ideas to each other in a band group chat. Finally last winter, we got together , locked ourselves in a rehearsal space, and got the songs ready for the album. That really brought them to life!

Where did you record and what was the process like?

Kenda: We recorded at Drive Studios in Vaughan, Ontario with Steve Rizun who had recorded all 5 albums. The process is usually a blast, but it can also be quite tedious, and frustrating when things arent sounding the way you want them to. Steve is fun to work with and we usually have a good laugh throughout the process of recording. It also helps that our band is like a family, so we actually enjoy each others company. We’re really happy with how the album turned out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Who’s the main driving force in the band and who’s the main songwriter?

Kenda: there isn’t one. We all play our role with writing our songs. If one person has a lyric or melody, we send it to each other and if there’s anything anyone wants to add, they add it. And we all go through it together.

Sean : the majority of the songs started with Kenda & myself, but were not close to complete until the rest of the band added their spins & ideas.

Talk us through some of the tracks on the new album and what they’re written about.

“Sticks & Stones”

Kenda: Sticks & Stones is about being able to overcome your past. Being able to accept your past and learn from it, grow from it. Sometimes, those “demons” come back to haunt you, but, you have to look forward and think of who you are now.

“My Soul To Keep”

Kenda: I struggle with depression and anxiety. There it is, for the world to know. Haha Suicide or thoughts of suicide is very real. I guess, with this song, we wanted to shine some light on it. People think suicide is a selfish act. For some, maybe, but for most it’s actually the opposite. For some, it’s about relieving those around you from having to deal with your thoughts in your head. It’s the thought of, “I don’t want to be a burden to anyone anymore.” This song is also a way to help those people who have those thoughts. “Think of all the people you’ve made smile. Just know that in their hearts that you were worth their while.” We want people to keep that in mind, always.

“Death At My Door”

Chuck: Death At my Door is the inner dialogue I think we all have with ourselves. For example ,There are always two people Inside my head. One seemed to be a little louder at times. Trying not to cater to the self destructive voice is a battle for a lot of people from our community. It’s really important to talk about these feelings and not let it take over. I call it feeding the positive wolf. What seems to be harmless fun can turn into a life long battle with yourself if you are not careful.

Can you name a few bands/albums that influence The Creepshow?

Sean: All of us are all over the place with music, which I think comes in handy during the writing process. In the van we listen to everything from hardcore, reggae, old British punk, new wave, garage, Motown…..we’re all over the map. Tommorrow we are playing in Montreal with rancid, dropkick murphys and bouncing souls. That is a huge honour for us.

You’ve played over 50 countries, can you name some of your favourites? Why is it important to you to reach those lesser known places?

Kenda: To be honest, no place is lesser than any other country. Every country is incredible in their own way. Germany always has a place in our hearts. Specifically, Frankfurt and Berlin. Czech Republic, Prague is definitely a beautiful place to be. U.K, London is a place everyone should experience. It’s full of life, excitement and great people. The U.S has Portland, Texas, California, Virginia. All amazing places, and are all special to us.

Sean : Our first ever show in Moscow, Russia was one of our favorites ever. The place was rammed and everyone started chanting “welcome” after we finished the first song. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. We also got to play some amazing festivals in Tokyo, Japan and all over Australia…we are dying to get back out there.

In the past, the band have been robbed, what happened?

Sean: it was the beginning of our 1st full 6 week European tour….we were about 3 shows in and had just left Barcelona, Spain to head to our show in Bilbao. We ended up running out of gas and we’re stuck on the side of the hiway. Some policemen showed up , but it was very hard to communicate with them so they left…while we were waiting for roadside assistance, some fake cops showed up and checked our passports, and took our money bag, went through all the money and put it back in the bag…then took off…we looked through the money and noticed that they took all the big bills. Luckily it was near the beginning of the tour and they didn’t take any gear…we didn’t make it to the show that night, but we finished the rest of the tour and had a blast.

How long has the current lineup been together?

Sean : Ginty and I started the band back in 2005. Kenda, Sandro & chuck have been in the band for over 5 years now!

What are the best festivals for the psychobilly/punk scene for you and why?

Sean: for psychobilly , it has to be piñeda psychobilly meeting. It’s been going on forever on the beach very close to Barcelona. Almost a week of psychobilly , and people/bands come from all over the world. For punk I’d have to say rebellion festival in blackpool , England. Basically, go there and see every punk band you’ve ever wanted to see in one weekend. They ask us to play pretty much every other year , and we couldn’t be more honored.

What’s on the horizon for the band this year?

Kenda: Touring… lots and lots of touring. We are getting this new album out on September 15th with Stomp Records in North America and Concrete Jungle in Europe. We’re headed to the UK to start a tour on August.2nd – 14th, and doing a North American tour in October. We also plan on writing some new songs, re-learning some old songs and some covers just for fun.

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