Kiran Leonard on Touring, A Levels and Carlsberg Export

Kiran Leonard on Touring, A Levels and Carlsberg Export

Kiran was first inspired by his older brothers record collection and learned to play the mandolin before  progressing to guitar. Growing up in the countryside of Greater Manchester, both his parent were musical too. Gradually he moved on to experimenting with electronic music.

Still a young man, Kiran is a singer-songwriter and composer who many call a musical prodigy. Before embarking on his first European tour where he will be playing to thousands of people across the continent within a few short days, he stopped to perform in Ramsgate and chatted to Way Out Radio for an interview.

What do you think the young star is worried about? His A-Levels of course. Yes, he hasn’t even finished school yet. After playing a spell bounding set in Ramsgate Music Hall, I caught the band backstage and just had to ask a few questions…

How was it out there and did you enjoy the gig guys?

Kiran: I’ve enjoyed it very much it’s a lovely venue a lovely seaside town as well. But the gig went great I enjoyed it.

Have you been here before?

Kiran: Ramsgate? I’ve been as close as Folkstone I think, crossing over.

Ok so you wore the woolly hat in case it was rubbish weather?!

(Drummer) He always wears that woolly hat!

Kiran: Well we’re from up north so its always cold and raining up there, always shitty weather!

How long have you been playing?

Kiran: I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 8, so I should be a lot better, 12 years.

So you’re my age, 21?

(Guitarist) I’m 33 unfortunately! Kiran’s a youngster!

How did you meet Kiran?

He’s been playing around Manchester for a couple of years so I knew of him.

Kiran: Me? Just! I did my first gig in Manchester under my own name in 2012.

But Matt the manager knew me from different bands and I got these guys in because Kiran can play anything, he’s awesome.

How many instruments can you play?

He can pick up anything and have a go.

Kiran: Guitar, violin..

So did you start playing guitar first or violin?

Kiran: Violin first, then guitar.

How did you hear about this venue and how did you get in touch?

Kiran: Mark Riley is very good friends with the owner so he put us in contact and we came down. Seemed like a nice place to come especially after the London gig.

What are you drinking?

Kiran: Heineken

What’s your favourite?

Carlsberg Export

So did you go to Tim’s for dinner? (*Tim is the man who built the venue and used to have bands over for tea)


What was it like?

Awesome! The dog was nice, we had fajitas for tea, I’d give it 10/10.

There’s no other places that do it so its really friendly!

A cheeky homemade dinner can’t go amiss really!

No not at all!


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