An Interview with The Dahmers

| Answered by: Christoffer Karlsson (lead vocals/guitar) |

Tell us about your second album “In The Dead of Night” how did you record it? How long did it take and what was the process like?

This is actually our first recording that is partly recorded in a “real” studio. All our previous recordings have been recorded by me with my own recording equipment. So this time we recorded bass and drums live at ‘Studio Underjord’ but did guitars, vocals and other stuff back home. It all took us a few months from the day we entered the studio till all the recording was finished and all mixing done etc. But the whole thing went rather smoothly as we had started working on the songs at the beginning of the year and recorded demo versions of each song in before. So we knew how we wanted each song to be and felt quite prepared once the recording process started.

How has your sound developed since “Demons”?

It’s basically the same kind of sound but we always end up mixing different songs with different kinds of influences. We like to variegate things so it doesn’t get boring but still keep the same kind of base you know. But mainly the album consist of punk, rock and pop like before. But who knows, our next album might end up as a country album.

What are your favourite horror movies and how has that old skool horror vibe influenced your sound and artwork?

We have liked old school horror since we were kids so it became a part of the band very naturally. Our drummer Karl-Oskar is responsible for the artwork so we are basically free to express ourselves the way we like, hence the horror vibe. We have always thought that the horror theme just looks really cool and people seem to like it too so it has just stuck with us.

It’s very hard to pick a favorite movie but we like pretty much the classic stuff like slasher movies from the 80s, Dario Argento movies etc.

What is your band dynamic like? Who’s organized, who’s laid back? How long have you all known each other?

Me and Rasmus (lead guitar) have known each other since we were kids but we all got to know each other in our teenage years. Since we come from a small town, we knew pretty much everyone who was involved in bands and music.

When we started The Dahmers we felt from the beginning what we worked very well together, we like the same kind of stuff and have the same way of thinking. After playing a couple of years together you learn how everyone functions so we work pretty good together. Noone really has a specific role in the band, we all contribute with thoughts and ideas regarding everything basically. It just really depends on the daily mood.

What bands influence you from 60’s garage rock, punk and 70’s glam?

We could mention a hundred bands that have influenced us in different ways. We listen to a lot of different kinds of music. But basically the music we grew up with is a part of it with bands like Kiss, Status Quo, AC/DC and those classic rock bands. We also come from a punk/hardcore background so bands like Ramones, Black Flag and Misfits had a big impact on us. And besides that we really like catchy pop music like ABBA, Beatles and stuff like that. In the end we just enjoy good music and that’s all.

Were there any songs you added to the album last minute or any songs you had to cut?

Most of the songs we had already decided and rehearsed months before. But one song on the album called “The Night Has Just Begun” was written a week before we entered the studio. It also wasn’t decided that we would record the bonus tracks for the single EP ‘Nightcrawler’ before. We had to make up our minds regarding those two songs during the last day in the studio.

Could you talk us through some of the tracks on the album, how you write the songs and what some of the songs are about?

It’s a big variety on the songs and lyrics. Some are very classic horror inspired and more story telling like the first song on the album ‘Cut Me Down’ which tells the story of a murderer on the loose. Some songs are more about subjects like alienation, frustration, solitude and basically our own lives.

Most of the songs on the new album have a night theme going on so that’s how we came up with the idea for the album name ‘In The Dead Of Night’.

The video for ‘Blood On My Hands’ is hilarious, how did you put it together? Where was it filmed?

We did all the filming ourselves and then a friend of ours edited the video. It’s actually filmed in the building where we rehearse. Since there are more bands rehearsing in the same building we had to film at night so we wouldn’t be disturbed. The video was influenced by low budget slasher movies I guess. We like to have a good time when we do videos and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What’s on the horizon for the band? Are you coming to the UK and will you be releasing a new music video soon?

Right now we are just really looking forward to getting the album out and to get peoples reactions. We will of course also play as many shows as we can and are are still working on some dates. But we will hopefully visit the UK this summer!

Earlier this year we released a video with the single ‘No One’. We have some ideas for videos for the album of course but time will tell. Another video would be fun and we have at least talked about it so we will see!

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