An Interview With Nicole Sabourne 27/03/17 Your sound is described as a mash up of Post-punk and indie rock, how do yours songs come together? – They can come together in so many different ways. They all look different. How long have you been writing lyrics and what is that process like for you? – I’ve been […]

An Interview With Nite Jewel With influences ranging from Mariah Carey to Kraftwork, Ramona Gonzalez aka Nite Jewel is one singer songwriter with her ears open and her heart in her lyrics. Hailing from glamorous Los Angeles, Nite Jewel insists she is hiding in the art underground movement and staying well out of celebrity culture. […]

An Interview With Pauline Black, The Selecter Are you excited about the new album coming out?  Yes indeed, I’ll say! The albums getting a lot of support which is really really nice because we’ve worked really hard to get everything this far and its just nice to know people are on the same page as […]

An Interview With Mammoth Mammoth How did you come up with the new album title ‘Mount the Mountain’? Mikey: I wrote the lyrics for Mount the Mountain and all of the guys really liked the title so we decided to use it as the album title as well. BONES: Mikey’s lyric and the music we […]

An Interview With Eugene Butcher EDITOR IN CHIEF OF VIVE LE ROCK/ BIG CHEESE PUBLISHING “Big festivals – they’re just expensive and soulless” Eugene Butcher is a New Zealand bred punk rocker who has lived all over the world and been in a host of his own bands. He now rubs shoulders with his heroes […]

An Interview With Rachel Zeffira Cat’s Eyes Cat’s Eyes’ Rachel Zeffira on why Faris Badwan is misunderstood and how she cunningly masterminded a breach of security to play at Buckingham Palace From writing names at the top of Canadian Mountains to breaching Buckingham Palace security in London, there’s not much Cat’s Eyes vocalist Rachel Zeffira […]

An Interview With The Boys Duncan Reid ‘Bombs Away’ is the third album you’ve released with this band! Where did you record the 14 tracks and how long did it take? From starting with the drums to finishing the mixing took about 9 months but that wasn’t solid work. We were fitting it around other […]

Interview with The Skints Josh Josh: It’s Josh from The Skints here, we’re at the very undercover, Undercover Festival! CJ: Yes man! In Guildford in sunny Surrey. How does it feel to be back in Guildford? You done a storm at Guilfest man. Josh: Yeah thank you man, Guildford’s always been good to us like […]

An Interview With Sleaford Mods Jason On ‘Key Markets’, Glasto and making family time. You’ve just hit media frenzy over your recent performance at Glastonbury, but how was the experience for you? I didn’t enjoy it but the promotion we got from it was brilliant. We played well but I didn’t really enjoy the performance. […]