John Robb on DIY Punk, Brexit & Vegetarianism John Robb has made a name for himself as an outspoken music journalist over the past few decades. He interviewed Nirvana before their global success and discovered the Stone Roses before the rest of the music industry could catch up. In the 90’s he was the first […]

An Interview With Kai from The Surfin Wombatz The Surfin Wombatz are a six piece Psychobilly band from Lewisham who formed in 1987. Recently I caught up with the band and interviewed one of their newer members, guitarist and backing vocalist Kai Reed who joined in 2012…. Hey Kai, great to see you again, I know you’re […]

An Interview with Lil Lost Lou You’re originally from Camden town – what was it like growing up in such a vibrant community? And do you still live there? I’m writing this on the evening of the London terror attack on Westminster bridge and it’s making me feel really really really REALLY FROM LONDON’s […]

An Interview with Curse of Lono Talk us through the tracks on debut album ‘Severed’ – Who’s the main songwriter and the meaning behind some of the songs? Severed was written by Felix over a fourteen year period. Some of the oldest songs were written in a detox ward in South Florida when he was […]

.An Interview with Broken Hands Paula: I’m here on a sunny afternoon with Broken Hands. We’re currently sat outside UCA ahead of their sold out show tonight. So guys, how are you doing? Dale: Very good, we live 7 minutes away so this is as close as it gets to a home gig for us. […]

An Interview With Baltic Fleet We spoke to Paul Fleming AKA Baltic Fleet, off the back of his new record ‘The Dear One’ becoming ‘Album of The Day’ at BBC 6 Music (Thur 24th Nov),  here’s what he had to say… Were there any songs that you dropped or added to the record last minute? We had quite […]

An Interview With Astral Lite ASTRAL LITE are a post-punk and psychedelic influenced 4-piece from Niceville, Florida. If you’ve ever dreamt of viewing life through a kaleidoscope, they’re distant and lurid image, dirge guitars and obscuro sound will be perfect for you. Way Out Radio spoke to the illustrious and striking front man Johnny Palmer about […]

An Interview With Andy Rourke, The Smiths Last week, I caught up with D.A.R.K. A band consisting of The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan, The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke and New York DJ and radio presenter Ole Koretsky. The trio have together been working on a debut album entitled ‘Science Agrees’. Way Out Radio spoke to […]

An Interview with The Dahmers | Answered by: Christoffer Karlsson (lead vocals/guitar) | Tell us about your second album “In The Dead of Night” how did you record it? How long did it take and what was the process like? This is actually our first recording that is partly recorded in a “real” studio. All our previous recordings have been […]