An Interview With The Creepshow | Questions Answered By Matze | “Death At My Door” is out in September. How long have you been working on the album? Sean: We have been working on “Death At My Door” for over 2 years. Half of us live in Montreal and half live in Toronto, so in […]

An Interview with The Blue Carpet Band | Questions answered by Djamel, Lead Singer | They’re one mean, lean rock ‘n’ roll garage-punk machine and they’re taking over! Meet The Blue Carpet band who blend the raw intensity of Iggy Pop with the old skool rockabilly charm of Elvis. It’s dirty, gritty and straight out […]

Musical prodigy Kiran Leonard stopped at Ramsgate Music Hall before embarking on his first European tour, where he will be playing to thousands of people across the continent within a few short days. And what’s the young star worried about? His A-Levels of course. Yes, he hasn’t even finished school yet. After playing a spell […]

An Interview with American Minimalist Composer Bayonne You started out on drums and then played piano later on. How many instruments do you play now?  My main instruments would be piano, guitar, drums, bass, banjo, and essentially anything I can get my hands on to make sound. Even if I don’t really know how to […]

A Conversation of Crass An interview with Mick Howes, Crass Fan Can you tell me a bit about your experience of Anarcho- Punk? The gig scene was almost every night. It was about two or three times a week and you knew various anarchy centres that started up. It started with the one in Wapping, […]

Lickle B on DaVinci Sound. Live in the studio on Kane FM DJing at The Row Barge This Saturday, we were up at 7am to travel to Guildford for the privilege of guesting on one of Kane FM’s most popular shows, DaVinci Sound’s 1-1-1 Sessions. Kane FM, currently one of OFCOM’s top Community Radio stations, evolved […]