An Interview With Mammoth Mammoth

How did you come up with the new album title ‘Mount the Mountain’?

Mikey: I wrote the lyrics for Mount the Mountain and all of the guys really liked the title so we decided to use it as the album title as well.

BONES: Mikey’s lyric and the music we jammed to fuse the vibe together just seemed to stir up really cool imagery. It felt epic and – it’s a killer message.  Seemed perfect for the Album Cover.

What is it like being on the road with Mammoth Mammoth? 

MIKEY: Pure chaos, we all tend to get into a lot of trouble, that’s what I’ve been told by my lawyer anyway, I can never remember.

Bones: We’re like the opposite of the Royal Family – They make sure all of us fly together so if the plane goes down they get rid of the lot of us at once!

What’s the best thing about touring?

MIKEY: The other members of the band are my best mates so there is nothing better than spending 4 to 5 weeks on the road partying with your best friends. Playing live is also my favourite thing in the world so you can’t beat it.

BONES: Playing live is what we love to do. We all throw everything we’ve got into every single show because our supporters deserve a that. Along the way we get to see Interesting places, meet cool fans and new friends – and our rider is actually pretty good too!

What was it like supporting Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society?

MIKEY: Amazing, we all love Black Label Society so it was a real honour to be able to support them, Zakk is one of the nicest guys and he hung out with us in our dressing room before the show.

BONES: Those kind of supports have been great lessons for us and a real blast to be a part of. Zakk Wylde, Vinnie Paul and his crew, SLEEP, John Garcia’s band – They’ve all been really cool, tour savvy, and chilled out dudes.

Talk us through some of the songs on the album and what they’re about –

Title track ‘Mount the Mountain’?

MIKEY: Like I said earlier I wrote the lyrics to this song and it’s about a battle with depression, when you suffer with an illness like depression just getting out of bed and facing life is an uphill battle, it’s like every day you are climbing the biggest mountain and it’s a struggle to always see the top but you have to Mount the Mountain to survive.

Who wrote ‘Spellbound’, what is it about?

MIKEY: I wrote Spellbound in a bit of a haze, it’s about addiction and how when you are addicted to a particular substance, it’s all you think about, it consumes your thoughts and life but you are trapped to do anything about it.

Who wrote ‘Hole In The Head’ and what are the lyrics about?

MIKEY: This was a very fast song to write for me and lyrically a very shallow story, it’s just based on the amount of partying I seem to be dragged into and I always think to myself the next day when I’m either really hung over or in jail that I needed that party like I needed a hole in the head.

You’re sometimes described as murder fuzz and you have a reputation for chaos – Do you often get in trouble when you’re out?

MIKEY: My lawyer told me not to comment on this question until after my next court hearing.

BONES: Likewise, I can’t answer this because my lawyer is suing Tucker for stealing my cut of the booze rider, and the ham and cheese sandwiches –  and all those trays of little bits of vegetables too. And the fucking chocolates. I want my share of the chocolates!

Whats on the horizon for Mammoth Mammoth and how far do you want to take the band?

MIKEY: The bigger the better, we are getting set for a very busy few years.

We will be spending a lot of time in Europe, and planning for the US and Japan.

So, touring as much as we possibly can is important to us – and trying to get to all those places we get requests from to play.

BONES: We’re gonna mount that mountain.


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