An Interview With Kai from The Surfin Wombatz

The Surfin Wombatz are a six piece Psychobilly band from Lewisham who formed in 1987. Recently I caught up with the band and interviewed one of their newer members, guitarist and backing vocalist Kai Reed who joined in 2012….

Hey Kai, great to see you again, I know you’re usually off gigging! Can I ask a few questions for our readers?

Kai: Uh yeah sure, lovely to chat as always. Of course, Im up for answering stuff that’s cool.

Great! Can I ask what music and guitarists inspire you?

Kai: Musically Bands like the Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag, Minor Threat and Husker Du inspire me. As for guitarists especially with the band I like people like Lars Frederickson from Rancid and Link Wray.

What made you first pick up an instrument?

Kai: I First picked up the guitar when I was 8 years old and after a lot of forced practising finally fell in love with it, I wanted the skill without the graft I guess. But now I am pleased with how I play and everything so that’s cool I think.

What do you enjoy about being in the band? What was you best gig?

Kai: I like the stories most about being in the band, like it’s really cool to hear about all the shit these guys did in the 80s and all the crazy tales of being in the band back when they were in their prime. Our best gig was probably a show we played a couple of times called “Bedlam Breakout” it’s a little festival in northampton and it’s always packed full of psychobilly guys so as members of the old guard the bands always gonna get a good reaction, the response is always nice at the bigger shows….

Whats being on the road like?

Kai: i haven’t really been on the road with them but on the few times we have travelled together it is always just a bit ridiculous listening to them, when we went to Germany we started drinking at like 8 in the morning and went through to like eleven just keeping up the beer, it was a brutal trip.

What other bands would you liken to The Surfin Wombatz?

Kai: As for bands like The Wombatz? I would say check out King Kurt, Thee Waltons and probably Demented Are Go!

Great artists! I appreciate you educating some of our readers! Lastly, what is on the horizon for the surfing wombatz?

Kai: Oh we are about to go play a show In LA at the airline bar, It should be pretty awesome.

Ok good luck with the future, thanks!

Kai: Awesome, laters!


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