Colour t-shirt. Large Only. Very Limited.

Our beautifully psychedelic fanzine printed in 2014. With an A3 poster on one side and articles written on the other, this fanzine was limited by a one off print of 2000 copies. As these have been distributed in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and elsewhere over the past 2 years, we are now down to just a few.
Each fanzine carries the original title of Way Out Music and original logo which has since been updated so get in there quick for a piece of Way Out Radio History!
* Art by Stephen Mina, Articles by Paula Frost

A framed, limited edition, 1 of 5 Way Out Radio stencil logo on a 12 inch vinyl. These were hand made exclusively by the Way Out Radio writers, artists and musicians.

1 of 5 limited edition lino print, signed by the artist. This poster features a Mexican Day of the Dead Skull and lists the acts we had perform at our 1st Birthday party. We currently have 3 in stock.
* Art by Gus Sharpe

1 of 3 Way Out Radio long sleeve shirts with black writing. This shirt features the logo on the back and reads ‘Established 2015’.
Large Only. Very Limited.