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Thunderous and highly recommended.


This sixth album explores the conflicting forces that shape our existence through the eyes of the band. It’s rawer than 2017’s ‘Blood Jungle’ LP which was pop produced. ‘Torch // Flame’ returns to their coarser earlier sound and gives the songs realness and character.

Single ‘Echoes’ blends a big riff fuzzy amp sound akin to Royal Blood, with Phil Spector-like wall of sound production. Their melodies are undeniably infections and songwriting style is well thought out and practiced. Singer and guitarist John Engelbert and drummer Oskar Bonde got together in 2004, starting the band in Stockholm. Emphatic of the White Stripes and Black Keys, singer John has a voice a little like Dave Grohl and the Swedish two-piece won a Grammy for ‘Group Of The Year’. With nine songs on the album, ‘Heavens (Then We Begin)’ is a stand out track as well as ‘Longer The Wait, Harder The Fall’.

Paula Frost

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