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The Australian rockers have just released new single ‘Hertz’ ending 2021 after the highs of their new album ‘Comfort To Me’ and a successful Euro tour aside from a few covid cancellations. Let’s look back to Way Out Radio’s first interview with them when they broke the international rock scene with their self titled debut…

Interview With Guitarist Gus

Can a single 19-minute album lead to world domination? Whilst the world is spinning out of control, four mulleted, beer bonging punks from Melbourne have risen from the underground as critically acclaimed, fan favourites. Some say they’re the most exciting Australian band since The Saints. Singer Amy Taylor, drummer Bryce Wilson, guitarist Dec Martens, and bassist Gus Romer have only been playing together since 2016. They don’t mess about; signed to Rough Trade Records, seen on Later With Jools Holland and winners of the $30,000 Levis Music Prize. We’ve been following the mad bunch from their first EP and this year we nominated Amyl for our New Blood Award.

I would compare the band’s early releases ‘‘70s Street Munchies’ and ‘I’m Not A Loser’ to the 1970s punk rock of Iggy Pop and The Stooges and The Damned. Amy has also referenced influences like Minor Threat, Ceremony, AC/DC, Sleaford Mods and Dolly Parton. I asked what bands the group had been listening to in 2019, “We all listen and like different shit but recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Sick Thoughts, Constant Mongrul, Rixe, Worthog, Sex Drive and Rapid Dye”. Said the groups shaggy haired, smiley bassist Gus. Amy added, “Apparently Melbourne is the music capital of the world at the moment so we’re laughing. Anything on the Antifade label is good.”

Their debut self-titled album is funny, honest and great to pogo to. It reached 22 in the Australian chart and broke the top 100 in England. Low ambition stream of consciousness lyrics like “I can’t kiss ya, and I can’t fuck ya, But I can think about you”. “I’m working off my ass, every single day, for the minimum wage and I don’t get paid’ are written to be chanted. It’s conversational pub rock with a working class anger. Amy’s rhythmical lyrical delivery and stage presence bring energy back to the stage in a stimulating way. You must see this band live. They recently returned to the UK for a four date tour across London, Manchester and Cardiff.


I asked Gus if they’d done a lot of touring this year, “Quite a bit if my memory serves me correctly we’ve done two American shows, two UK/Europe tours and one proper Australian tour with other shows here and there. We’re always on the move”.

I asked Gus if they’d done a lot of touring this year, “Quite a bit if my memory serves me correctly we’ve done two American shows, two UK/Europe tours and one proper Australian tour with other shows here and there. We’re always on the move”. They’re getting bigger across the world, with fan bases in Australia, the UK, Europe and USA. Since the group’s international success, they no longer need to work part time jobs. Gus gave us a run-down of the jobs they left to pursue Amyl And The Sniffers, “Things are going pretty well so far so I can’t really complain. The last jobs we all had; Bryce and Amy worked in supermarkets and Declan worked at a Kmart like place called Big W. I worked in a museum.”

Amyl And The Sniffers got a big kick out of signing to a label that was home to many of their hero bands. I wondered if they’d had a look around the Rough Trade offices or been given much free music. Gus spoke about being signed to Rough Trade Records in the UK, “It is hell mad. They’re the best. We know and love everyone that works there and the only good thing about being in London in my opinion is going to the office then the pub with the crew.

Jools Holland & Highlights of the Year

Gus spoke about his most memorable moment of the year, “Too much shit has already happened this year I dunno maybe going on Jools Holland. That was pretty wild and in the forefront of my mind”. The performance was one of the most talked about Jools Holland appearances of the year, breaking them in front of a new audience. The band wrote on Facebook, “On tele haha!! Thanks Jools Holland for having us, was all very fun. Yew stay filthy”. I asked Gus what it was like to perform on Jools Holland and who his top act of the night was, “That shit the was wild I was hell nervous”. Top act for the night without a doubt was Liam Gallagher! We fucking love oasis and he ripped it up. People seem to have liked our songs.”

Amyl will be taking some time out for Christmas. Gus told us what he was getting up to, “Dunno what’s on the cards for Christmas this year. Straight after we’re doing a little festival tour in Australia. Not sure what everyone’s doing but I don’t really give a shit about Christmas at all. Probably gonna drink goon!”

With all the band’s madness and busy schedule, Gus told me the biggest problem he’d had to overcome this year; “Shit that’s a hard one, I don’t know. Few bad hangovers.”

Lastly, he told me his favourite thing about being in the band, “Getting to travel and play music with my three best mates and free piss is pretty good”. I asked what else the band had planned for the year ahead, “World domination”. Gus assured me.