Book Review: PSYCHOCANDY 33⅓

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Paula Mejia



The eighth of fourteen new 33⅓ volumes, ‘Psychocandy’ relives the triumph of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s crossover from the isolated underground to the forefront of the pop chart through their debut album. Texas born writer Paula Mejia unpicks the scene of depraved suburban Scotland, mid 80’s tension and working-class rage which gave the band a breeding ground for their searing post-punk noise. With the stage set to capture the spirit of a lost generation, the group of teenage lads channeled 60’s girl group inspired pop through a filter of phantom anarchy. Mejia, also a journalist and art critic, comments on the album tracks from the anthemic opener ‘Just Like Honey’ to the sultry ‘Taste the Floor’, infectious ‘The Living End’ and beyond. The book is great in capturing the bands unsettling charm, walking a fine line between fragility and aggression, genius and pure madness. A must read for alternatives, goths and post punk fanatics.

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