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The greatest gathering on earth, Boomtown Fair returns in 2022! The team have released a new video letting future citizens know that they are still here and still moving forward for a spectacular festival in 12 months time titled ‘Chapter One: The Gathering’. For tickets and info visit their site: https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk

What is happening at Boomtown 2022?

Organisers say: “Boomtown at its heart is a living theatre with a long history and an ongoing narrative, but we are starting with a clean slate and a world of new wonders to discover in Chapter One: The Gathering.

The premise is simple, we are a Gathering… Gatherings are a deep part of human connection and celebration and have been so for millennia, but in these current real-world times, they were also one of the first things to be outlawed. When we come together this will be The Gathering we’ve all been needing for so long…

Actors and characters will flood the streets more than ever before, huge parades will weave their way through the districts with buskers and pop up sound systems on every street corner, a mass of colourful creative energy that vibrates through every strand of the city. 

The depths of our story in this reset year are as yet unknown, but we will be building our version of a post-pandemic world and exploring what that can mean for our collective ‘new normal’.

As ever, all are invited to fully participate by creating their own character and discover their part to play in this ever-evolving story.”