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The Chats

Eamon Sandwith bass / vocals

Josh Price – guitar / vocals

Matt Boggis on drums

Playing a full 14-date UK tour in December, and headline show The Forum in London?

It’s going to be our third time in the UK!

You played Electric Ballroom and sold it out –

Yeah that was a pretty sick night. I didn’t think we’d ever sell out a venue, let alone the Electric Ballroom in London.

Reading and Leeds –

It was awesome! We came over and played with a few mates/ Aussie bands like Hocky Dad. We played good slots. We didn’t really catch any other bands, we were in and out with a lot of travelling to do.

We’re going back to Germany and then doing the England shows. I’m looking forward to playing The Forum. Or trying to play! That’s gunna be sick. We’re doing more of our own shows this time, last time it was a bunch of festivals.

How do you go down in Germany – do people sing along?

Yeah haha for some reason they know all the lyrics to our songs! And they’re all singing them back with their funny accents!

What’s ‘Nambored’?

Nambord is a place on the coast where we’re from. It’s about being bored in Nambored.

VB Anthem – It’s similar to a Fosters I think.

Favourite pub feed –

I’d go for a steak. With mushroom gravy, vegetables and mash.

When we were in the UK we went to a Spoons! We don’t have them in Australia.

The song ‘Do What I Want’ about getting stopped by the police – who did that happen to?

Its just a song we wrote – it didn’t actually happen to anyone haha.

Have you ever had a run in with the police?

Yeah we’ve had a few. Only minor things though. The police are pretty nice here. You only get hassled if you’ve done something wrong.

Formed in their mate’s bong shed in Coolum, Queensland 2016 – tell us about the shed?

Haha bong shed! We formed at school to do an assignment where we had to write a song. Then we graduated school and had our mates bong shed. We started jamming in there. The rest is history. We all played music in the same class together but we never really played music together until that assignment. That was the first time we started making music.

What made you get into guitar?

I played all my life. My dad sort of. We always had heaps of guitars in my house so I always played guitar.

Favourite guitar to play?

My Fender Jazzmaster. It’s a nice one. I’ve got this other guitar a takamine electric gx100. That’s probably my ultimate guitar but its on the wall at home. Too good for the road. I can’t take it out, I don’t want it to get hurt.

What bands do you love and what are some of your favourite albums?

‘Highway to Hell’ is one of my favourite albums. There’s so many. I like the Sex Pistols, anything hard rock.

AC/DC and The Saints to Cosmic Psychos and The Hard Ons all come from Oz – do you look up to those bands?

Yeah big fans of all those bands. The Ramones also.

Dave Grohl loved it so much he sent it to Josh Homme, who immediately booked the band to support Queens of the Stone Age in Australia –

Yeah it went around a circle of Iggy Pop, Josh Holme and Dave Grohl. That’s how we landed all those gigs supporting them.

Iggy Pop did the same when he played Melbourne, and keenly quizzed the band on their lyrical content.

Yeah we was asking us “What’s a ‘smoko’?” And “Whats a VB?” Wondering all about the slang. We only got to see him for about 3 mins but it was pretty cool. He seems to know all about us. He did his research!

guitarist Pricey boasts of having never read a book? Josh Homme gave him one

Yeah that’s true! I’ve never completed a full book. He gave me a Stephen King book. When I saw Josh I said I hadn’t read the book and he got all upset. But I said to him I changed it to a Bon Scott book that I’m reading. Then he was all good. He said “That’s alright, you swapped it!” I’m nearly finished it. He’s still checking in on me.

What’s you generation like in Australia?

It’s pretty wild at the moment. The music is good and everyone’s getting together. There’s a lot of good bands forming and great Aussie bands reforming. There’s a good thing going at the moment.

Are you writing an album at the moment?

We’ve got an album pretty much ready to go for next year. We’ve already released ‘Pub Feed’ and ‘Identity Theft’. There’s about 15 tracks on the album but we’re still undecided on a name.

Started their own label records, Bargain Bin Records. Band releases – Abjects, Crocadilius, C.OF.F.I.N, The Unknowns

Yeah we have our own label and were pushing some Aussie bands, putting out our own record. Its something we always thought about doing and then one day someone mentioned it and we said “Yeah why not” We just did it and never looked back. I’m really stoked we have.

signed a publishing deal with Universal Records –

They approached us. It was pretty cool. We’re having a good run that’s for sure! Haha.

Smoko –

Yeah it got pretty big on the internet ayy? It was pretty much an overnight success. But ‘Smoko’ was out for a good six months before it got any attention so it was pretty weird when it blew up.

What were you doing at the time?

We all had jobs. I was washing cars. Eimon was checkout chick at Coles. Matthew was doing drum lessons. Matt is a professional skater.

IS he shelving that to pursue the band?

I don’t know what he does. But he’s in the band he loves it!

What was the point where you didn’t need to do your jobs anymore?

It wasn’t until we got really busy overseas and we didn’t have time to fit it in. Bosses and stuff they don’t want to keep giving you shifts if you’re not around.

I’ve got a couple more questions –

What makes a musical hero to you?

Someone who shreds onstage but is a real nice dude offstage too.

Plans for rest of year –

We’re on the Identity Theft tour in Australia at the moment and then we’ll finish off the year with the big tour in Europe. Then we’ll have Christmas and New Year at home with our friends and family and have a bit of time off.

Recommend bands in the shed rock scene –

Theres a band called Miniskirt, Crocadylas, Pissed Idiots, The Unknowns – they’re really good you’ll really like them.

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