An Interview With Nicole Sabourne

27/03/17 Your sound is described as a mash up of Post-punk and indie rock, how do yours songs come together?

– They can come together in so many different ways. They all look different.

How long have you been writing lyrics and what is that process like for you?

– I’ve been a fan of writing since I was little. I always wrote poems and stories. It’s actually the same process today, I use all my inspiration and try to put it into words.

You got to the semi-finals in The Voice Sweden, how was that experience and how did it change things for you?

– I don’t see The voice as an interesting thing to talk about these days.

What are the goth and art rock elements in your music and what artists would you recommend in the same vein?

– Chelsea Wolfe, Anna Von Hausswolff, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Einstürzende Neubauten, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey… there are so many that inspires me and that I feel connected to…

What is life like for a musician in Stockholm and what’s the music scene like there?


– I see Stockholm as a pretty cold town, both in weather and socially . But the music scene is great. One thing that is quite sad is that the government closes down one important venue after another, but we keep on fighting for the culture spaces.


Can you talk us through some of the tracks on the new album – and what you wrote the songs about?


– The whole record is inspired by a Swedish sci-fi Novel from the 50’s called “Aniara”. So all the tracks has a red line and are situations or feelings from that book. Read it! It’s absolutely adorable and important! A timeless piece written about the humans way to treat the earth.



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