An Interview With Sacred Paws 27/03/17 Here are the answers from Rachel Aggs. Thanks! Happy new year. Your sound is quite jangly and reminiscent of the Sarah Records bands of the 80’s (I can hear a Field Mice influence) but has a modern twist. Would you say you take any influence from that music? We’ve never discussed what […]

SLAVES 2014 Isaac SLAVES INTERVIEW You’ve been busy! Yeah very busy, flat out. We’ve got a week off now and then we’re off to Japan, which will be pretty crazy. When you guys played Margate you ended up at a boot fair with a pink umbrella at 5am, did you buy anything nice? Oh yeah! […]

Starset 27/03/17 What was the writing process like for new album ‘Vessels’? Much like on the last record, Transmissions, I started with the general concept in mind.  Then I decided upon the sonic goals—since the “movie” was changing, the sound would need to change somewhat too.  From there I set to writing music utilizing these […]

Stone Foundation 27/03/17 Jones and Sheasby write the lyrics – how do your writing styles differ and what are the main ideas you write about?   We wanted this record to hold a mirror up to the world around us. It was really important that we spoke about the diverse communities that we lived in […]

Riskee and the Ridicule 27/02/17 Paula: Blame Culture – great title and very different to ‘Dawn of the Dog’ how did you come to choose that as the album title? Scott: Our drummer Matt came up with it, we came up with loads of names but none of them really fit with what we were […]

TALISMAN INTERVIEW 27/03/17 Q ….How did you choose the title of the album ‘Don’t Play With Fyah’? Dennison – One never starts something like an album with the title. The title comes when the album is finished, and the tracks are placed in numerical order. This helps to balance the overall feel of the album, […]

The Weird Things 27/03/17 How did Simon and Martin come to leave CASE and be in The Weird Things (before CASE reformed in 2011)? How did the band all get together? How long did you all rehearse together before you played your first gig together and how long did it take you to write your first bunch of songs together? […]

An Interview With Alex, Wonk Unit Last week, Way Out Radio caught up with Daddy Wonk, lead singer of the hilarious, no-money-fun, punk band WONK UNIT. We talked skating, touring, working in postal rooms and much more… Alex Wonk started out by forming a band in the early 90’s called The Flying Medallions. At this point […]

Way Out Radio spoke to Daddy Wonk, front man of Wonk Unit in the middle of the bands autumn tour with Pizza Tramp! We talked about everything from hating politicians, to the biggest freak in Wonk Unit, the DIY punk scene, his bond with Slaves and found out about his new t-shirt ideas… Paula: Hey […]