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What would happen if Royal Blood’s producer and Slaves’ guitarist made a musical love child?! Presenting Larry Pink The Human! Huge thanks to the duo who answered these questions exclusively for Way Out Radio!

1. Laurie you first wrote the lyrics for ‘Love You Bye’ a few years back. When it came time to record with Jolyon Thomas, what made you want this to be a duo and not a solo project? (As producers are usually not in the band)
LV: I had written a section (the chorus) a few years back but I really only started forming full songs shortly before joining jolyon. I approached jolyon to record me, after hastling for a few weeks, we got in together. After about an hour of chatting music in the studio, he simply turned to me and said “i’ll do this with you”. His faith in me as an artist, to want to be in my band, blew me away. I simply couldn’t refuse an offer like that. Having an award winning producer in your band is handy to say the least.

2. What made you want to answer us indie bloggers this time around rather than NME and Radio one and all that?! 😀
LV: In this industry we all sit around trying to work out how to access our fans in the most effective way. Hours are spent coming up with pr stunts and ideas that ultimately usually disappoint. I was making coffee two days ago and the idea just went off like a light bulb in my head. The way I see it is that I’d rather connect deeply and intensely with a handful of true fans then be skipped over my millions of other people. Building a community is so important to me in music. 
JT: Anyone putting this much effort and passion into music needs our support, we’re all in the same club so it’s important to us that we help each other.

3. Laurie – When you sang at Reading Fest did you miss Isaac and were you nervous to sing without being stuck to your guitar?
LV: Of course I always miss Isaac, hes my brother. To be honest though being allowed to run around with the microphone and play ‘frontman’ is a real childhood dream of mine. All attention was on that. There was no time to think on other things. I balance the set out with a few guitarlele and guitar numbers so I have stuff to do with my hands. I’m starting to get comfy roaming the stage and attempting the odd stiff hip defying dance move.

4. Jolyon – do you find it easier or harder to produce your Larry Pink rather than U2, Royal Blood, etc? What’s the biggest differences?
JT: Much of the music we’re making is produced more or less as it’s written. So in that way the writing and the sounds are symbiotic. There is no easier or harder, but it’s very different yes. I am the artist, I have to get my head into a zone where I’m really free to make quick instinctive decisions and not go into a production hole! Woking with big artists  like you’ve mentioned is just really informative, I’ve learnt a lot from them so can apply their tricks and wisdom to how we approach things sometimes. It’s the best of both worlds.

5. You put a lot of effort into your music videos and your sad balloon theme. What kind of world are you creating with Larry Pink?!
JT: It’s all connected. We’re very much coming from a visual art perspective, as well as a musical one of course. Our world is surrounded by design, nature, architecture, ‘art’…. LPTH is a vehicle for the visual also. 
LV: I think the best music videos, and bands for that matter, create worlds you want to step into. The sad balloon was a way to get the project off the ground (pun intended) it was symbolic and something people could have as a visual representation before they actually got to see us live. For me also it’s about having an authentic existence and being able to include my passion for art within my music is also key.