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As the DJ fades out, the crowd of bucket hatted, vintage Levi wearing teenagers scream at a darkened stage. A figure walks on and they scream louder assuming its Mac. The lights brighten and the unknown skinny American guys shouts, “What about Prince Andrew then?” speaking of the recent allegations. Everyone boos and soon it’s time for Mac and the band to take the stage. It’s the 29-year-old Canadian singer’s biggest UK show to date. He’s built a dedicated following since the release of 2012’s ‘Rock and Roll Night Club’. Over the years Mac has infiltrated the internet with his dulcet love ballads and anarchistic weirdo image like an edgier Lewis Capaldi for kids who munch MDMA. Last year he made a four-minute jazz video about a cat that lives behind his garage.

Mac opened the show with ‘On The Level’ and followed up with the hushed tones of ‘Salad Days’. He played synth washed anthemic renditions of songs from each of his five albums throughout the night. Half way through the set Mac plays a slowed down version of ‘Another One’. “I’m getting old, getting fat and going bald,” he says. Even though he’d just done a handstand before playing ‘My Old Man’.

Mac went on to play the hypnotic and woozy ‘My Kind Of Woman’, ‘Chamber Of Reflection’ and ‘Still Together’, a song he often dedicates to his long-time girlfriend Kiera. The concert nears its end with one last chorus of ‘Still Together’ and Mac leaves the stage at 10.15pm. Cherished for his slacker rock individualism and jangly guitar sound and strange humour, Mac Demarco did not disappoint on his ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ tour.

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