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Way Out Radio #16: Music & Mental Health

Tonic Music For Mental Health’s Steve Lowis joins DJ Paula Frost for a serious discussion of the mental health crisis facing musicians. From Avicii to Keith Flint of the Prodigy, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park to Amy Winehouse – Why are musicians dying so young? And on a grassroots level, how is the average musician coping with the current lockdown? In the UK, musicians have not been able to play full shows for over a year now. 80% of independent musicians aged 18-25 are saying they’ve suffered from stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their music creation in 2021. Please support the charity here: tonicmusic.co.uk

Paula is doing a Wing Walk for Barry’s Flying Circus to raise money for musicians suffering from mental health issues!

DONATE HERE: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/paulawingwalk

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Way Out Radio #15: Ruts DC/ The Ruts

This week we have the iconic Ruts DC on the show! Frontman Segs reflects on the band’s journey from The Ruts, started 1977 and talks through their hits ‘Babylon’s Burning’, ‘In A Rut’, ‘Jah War’ and ‘Staring At The Rudeboys’. The original four piece ran for 3 years but left an indelible mark with their punk and reggae crossover sound.

Over the years original drummer Ruffy and bassist Segs have stuck together in Ruts DC now joined by Lee Hegerty. In 2019 the trio celebrated 40 years of ‘The Crack’. Now they’re releasing ‘Electracoustic’ – a new acoustic album of classic tracks.

Way Out Radio #14: Delilah Bon

Welcome back to another epic instalment of our Way Out Radio Podcast, Episode 14! DJ Paula Frost presents an interview with very special guest Delilah Bon! You may know her as Lauren Tate, lead singer of Hands Off Gretel! She’s back with an alter ego, debut album and has a lot to say for herself! Kick-ass girl-power punk rock party right here!

Way Out Radio #13: NOFX

Massive bombshell of an interview with the legendary Fat Mike of NOFX! Back with their 14th album, the band are almost 40 years in and have stayed true to their DIY roots. Mike opens up about the bands turbulent past and reveals plans for his Punk Rock Museum in Vegas, giving us the low down on what’s inside.

Way Out Radio #12: Miriam Simone

We delve in to the life and musical career of the mighty Empress Miriam Simone, the reggae singer from Amsterdam who has earned a fierce reputation for her heartfelt reggae music and who has worked with the legendary Bobby Digital many times. Miriam also opens up about her moving trip to Ethiopia which has sparked her passion to build a ‘mother house’ there, where young people can take shelter and get food and clothing.

Way Out Radio #11: Drones

An interview with Lois of DRONES, an up and coming band who just released their new album ‘Our Hell Is RIght Here’ on Lockjaw Records.

Way Out Radio #10: Ground Zero Blues Club

We’ve got a real treat for you blues fans! Way Out Radio link up with Bill Luckett and Eric Meier, co-owners of Ground Zero Blues Club! We talk through the history of blues music and how artists like Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf had a big impact on British Invasion bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Paula visited Ground Zero in 2018 and tells of her experience playing drums with the house band and meeting Morgan Freeman.

Way Out Radio #9 Rude Grl & CC

On Episode 9 of our podcast series we have Rude Grl & CC aka Jenna Dickens & Chris Constantinou. Chris was the bassist and backing vocalist for Adam Ant from 1982-86 and performed on Top of the Pops and Live Aid! He’s also worked with Sinead O’Connor, Rat Scabies of The Damned, Wilco Johnson and many other legends. Jenna is an up and coming rapper and singer who has sung guest vocals for Basement Jaxx!

Way Out Radio #8: Josh Whitehouse

Welcome to The Way Out Radio Podcast Episode 8! And today we are giving away our band of the month award! The last winners were Millie Manders and the Shutup who have blown up since the release of their debut album ‘Telling Truths and Breaking Ties’. This month our award goes to the fantastic More Like Trees who released their third album ‘Don’t Disturb The Garden’ in 2020 and are already shaping up new songs for album 4. Today I speak to lead singer Josh Whitehouse who is also an acclaimed actor. Go watch the fantastic cult movie Northern Soul, or head to Netflix to see The Knight Before Christmas. He’s also played a lead roll in Modern Life is Rubbish and played Hugh Armitage in BBC’s Poldark.

Way Out Radio #7: The Witchdoktors

We link up with the incredible Witchdoktors! A band who blend punk, garage rock and psychobilly!

Way Out Radio #6 No Fun At All

Way Out Radio #5: Autarchii

Way Out Radio spend the afternoon with Swedish punk rockers No Fun At All! We talk about their epic career since 1991 and look to a future of new music and tours.

Way Out Radio #4: Spizzenergi

Another episode of the Way Out Radio Podcast and today we have the fantastic Autarchii on the show! He is an incredible Rastafarian reggae artist from Jamaica who has toured in Canada and Kenya.

Paula chats to Spizz of punk band Spizzenergi about touring with Siouxsie and the Banshees, being the first band to top of the indie chart and getting praise from John Peel! They have a new single out ‘Christmas in Denmark Street’ 🙂 Join the fan club for just £5 and get a t-shirt, CD and free monthly music downloads! wayoutradio.com/product/fanclub Way Out Radio is a weekly radio show on Kane 103.7 FM every Thursday from 3-5pm. Visit our site wayoutradio.com where you can find music reviews, interviews and news. We salute rebel music and focus on rock, reggae and rave culture. So far, we have broadcast over 100 shows from 14 different countries. We aim to explore different music scenes and feature music from around the world. LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/wayoutrad FOLLOW: https://www.instagram.com/wayoutradio/

Way Out Radio #3: Buster Shuffle

London’s finest East End band carry on pub rock traditions whilst blending punk and ska influences. Paula speaks to lead singer Jet about the last ten years of the group as they celebrate LP ‘Our Night Out’.

Watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/Y9jfUEjCQG8

Way Out Radio #2: TV Smith

Paula chats to punk pioneer TV Smith (The Adverts) about his 40 year career in music. He’s released 16 albums and toured with The Damned and Iggy Pop. Incredible guy!

Way Out Radio #1: Max Romeo

DJ Paula Frost dedicates the show to the great Max Romeo and tells his life story whilst reminicing over tracks from his 5 decade long career, ‘Chase The Devil’ to ‘Out Of Space’.

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Way Out Radio is a widely successful reggae and rock show with music and interviews from artists across the world. Presenter DJ Paula Frost has strong links with the Rasta community in Jamaica and with record labels like Trojan, 2-Tone and Rough Trade so she keeps the music fresh, playing and discussing new and classic tunes. The show has previously broadcast from 14 countries including Jamaica, Japan, Russia, Cambodia, Australia and the US. Paula has also interviewed guests like Alice Cooper, Earl Wya Lindo of The Wailers, Phil Campbell of Motorhead, The Selecter, Don Letts and Max Romeo (Chase The Devil).