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An analysis of how Crass were influenced by the cultural climate of 1977-81 when writing the song ‘Big A Little A’ and how they subsequently influenced others.

By Paula Frost


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The following is an exploration of the influence and legacy of the anarcho punk band Crass. The study includes insights into their cultural context and a stylistic analysis of their music as well as research into their later influence on other artists and social activist movements.

Firstly, the study looks into the band’s cultural background, including the surrounding political and social climate, giving an insight into their motivation and the effect this had on their songwriting. Secondly, there is an analysis of the Crass song ‘Big A, Little A’ (1981) which divulges some of the musical and political influences found within their music. Lastly, is a discussion of the influence Crass has had on a number of other bands and movements, focused predominantly on the anarcho punk movement of 1979-1984.

These objectives have been met through the analysis of prepared research which includes the study of a variety of relevant books, lyrical content, documentaries and interviews related to the band Crass, the punk movement, the post-punk movement and the social and political climate of Britain between 1975 and 1984.

Original interviews have also been conducted for the purpose of this study including interviews with members of Crass such as Steve Ignorant (Singer) and Penny Rimbaud (Drummer) as well as interviews with Crass fans and members of other relevant punk bands such as 999, Slaves and The Skints (See Appendix 1). Musical transcriptions, diagrams and a lyrical analysis of the Crass song ‘Big A, Little A’ have also been independently comprised for this study.