Infamous Oasis manager Alan McGee has joined the tirade of vinyl fans elated by the resurgence of record collecting in recent years. Now he’s ready to put out records again with a new division of his eminent record label ‘Creation Records’ called ‘Creation23’. It was 35 years ago that Creation records was launched. It trailblazed indie rock ‘n’ roll throughout the 90s to become one of Britain’s most iconic and successful independent labels. McGee added ‘23’ to the name as it’s his lucky number and signifies a new tangent for the label, vinyl only.

Setting the stage for the new venture is the North Essex trio Rubber Jaw with their single ‘Feeling Funny’. The track sits somewhere between dream pop and indie rock, opening with soft lilting melodies over pulsing synth chords and evolving into a riotous rock song with emotionally charge, harsh vocals. The band are in their early 20s and have been given the seal of approval by Alan.

Originally, acts like Teenage Fanclub, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine and Primal Scream were all launched from the indie underground into the mainstream through Creation under Alan’s management until the label closed its doors in 1999. He continued to manage bands like The Libertines, started up the Poptones label from 1999 to 2007 and then went on to buy a derelict church for £40,000 in Wales in 2014, restoring it as a venue. That’s a brief blast of the scope of Alan’s incredible career, but we had to sit down with the main man to get the full picture on his new project.

The music industry is struggling, especially for independent labels, but vinyl has come back in a big way. Would you ever have predicted a vinyl resurgence in the 90s?

I think vinyl is such a personal experience to the music. I have never thought it would disappear, although I probably never thought it would become as big as it has again.

What prompted your idea for a vinyl based future for ‘Creation’?

I think vinyl is romantic. I believe in the artefact. There are great new bands around again and ‘Creation23’ will put them out.

Is ‘Creation 23’ about reissuing past music or putting out new bands?

It’s all about new bands.

What releases and artists have you got up your sleeve for fans?

Rubber Jaw are from Colchester and are 23, I think they could be huge but it’s early days. I have found a brilliant electronic punk band from LA and four 21-year-olds from the Welsh valleys who have the punk funk single of next year.

Why did you choose to release Essex trio Rubber Jaw’s debut single ‘Feeling Funny’ as the labels first release?

My mate Bob Morris manages them and played it to me before anybody else. I was blown away by them and wanted to start a 7-inch label anyway so it was the perfect storm.

One copy of Rubber Jaw’s record contains a golden ticket to gain free entry with a plus one to every show of the band for a year. Who came up with that idea?

My partner in ‘Creation23’ Simon Fletcher came up with the idea, it’s a brilliant idea so it has become a reality.

What other plans do you have for the rest of this year and for the future?

Rubber Jaw’s ‘Feeling Funny’ is out now and the other two bands are out in January…

Out Now:

Sister Psychosis

Into Your Memory Blue 7-inch Single


Release Date: 15/01/2021

Discs: 1 Into Your Memory
Beside Myself

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