We caught up with DIY punk’s weirdest frontman, Alex of wonk unit. alex is Known for his endless dance moves and charisma, posting videos of tireless european touring and building a skate bowl in his back garden. The band from croydon began in 2005 and have since released nine albums.

In the early 1990’s your original band were called The Flying Medallions. What was that band like and did you release anything?

The Flying Medallions happened in the early 90’s. We were complete nut cases. Every gig was like a mini riot. We didn’t even know the meaning of the words “political correctness” but we would always be at the front of the fight at any anti nazi league, animals rights etc demos. We went for the thrill, the fight. We were dumb and naive and a lot of folk didn’t understand us but we definitely stood for punk rock values.

We would always be at the front of the fight.

We didn’t write our songs to shock, we just wrote about our world, our way. This was without filters. We released “we love everybody and everything’s great” on big life records in 1994. Deleted:

Music, especially singing, releases endorphins and helps relieves emotional build up in a physical way that is positive. How has music helped you in your life?

I am an alcoholic/addict. I’ve now been sober for 17 years. When I first got on the wagon I poured all the pain, horror and insecurity that you feel into songwriter. You learn from AA that sharing your experiences with likeminded people helps (the ethos of AA). I found that putting my pain into song worked for me. Exercising those demons live was such a release for me. Gigging became my AA. Deleted:

Where do the dance moves come from?

I’m a prince! Princes learn to dance from a young age!

You’ve been on tour with Slaves and I’ve seen you skating with Laurie. How well do you know Laurie and Isaac?

I knew Laurie before Slaves formed. He is a Wonker. When they first formed I was TOTALLY blown away by how perfect they were. The complete package. They had the songs, the look but most importantly they are just the funniest most beautiful freaks you could ever hope to meet. I love freaks. Isaac is a freak. I saw myself in him and I haven’t met many people like me before. They are the ying and yang. Isaac would be nothing without Laurie though. Laurie ran the Slaves ship whilst Isaac just bumbled along being beautiful hahaha. Yes, I LOVE Slaves. For me personally, the most important thing to happen in music for 2 decades. Fuck all the wannabes that they get lumped in with. These boys have always just done their own thing. Leading not chasing. Deleted: Deleted:

What major record label post room did you work in as a teenager and how did you get the job?

I worked in the post room of MCA records (before all the majors merged and it became Universal) at the end of the 80’s. I was lucky enough to experience the glory days of the majors. When there was loads of money and champagne being thrown about. As with most major label/music industry people, I got the job through family. My uncle Rod Cunningham was head of the production department. The majority of folk working in that industry ain’t got a clue what’s going on and don’t actually care about music. It’s just s job to them and the reason that majors labels churn out so much shit. But that’s the music industry throughout. From the labels to the radio stations. It’s all about who you know.

How long have you been skating? What are your favourite skate spots?

Yup I skate. My skateboard has been my most loyal friend for most of my life. I started in 1984. Wow that’s 32 years!!! As long as I can walk I will skate. I love to skate pools and bowls. I like concrete skateparks. I love the flow Deleted:

Way Out Radio – A Brief History

Way Out Radio is a music brand dedicated to reviews, interviews and radio. The fire was lit in 2012 when we held our first event at The Queen Charlotte in Ramsgate and launched a fanzine. Poets and artists performed with Riskee and The Ridicule topping the bill. We also held a raffle and gave away a signed Buzzcocks t-shirt.

Led by music journalist, writer and drummer Paula Frost, the brand has gone from strength to strength over the years. We hosted a successful radio show on Kane FM for five years and undertook a world tour in 2017-18 meeting fans and bands across the globe and DJing live.

We look to the future with excitement and joy for music will never die! Keep dancing.