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By Paul Welsh

(Cleopatra Records Inc)


This new release is a dedication to rock ‘n’ roll’s real life embodiment, Motorhead front man Lemmy. The 150-page book is a collection of laugh out loud stories, scripts and tons of incredible backstage and onstage photographs of the bands early years. The book follows Lemmy’s struggle of self-belief and determination through the early years. Chapter one begins with Lemmy’s time in space rock outfit Hawkwind and follows his departure from them. Second chapter ‘New Beginnings’ talks about his wilderness period in search of a new group, showing the launch of some of the early Motorhead gigs and the bands first ever interview for Penetration Fanzine. Next we trail Lemmy’s journey through to the classic Motorhead line-up and author Paul Welsh delivers a bunch of intense rock star stories! With the band sheering through so much scepticism, disinterested audiences and closed doors, it’s a huge payoff when they prove everyone wrong. End chapter ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ finally boasts an optimistic dedication to Lemmy and the band. Author Welsh was a lifelong friend of the band and a music journalist so he includes rare photographs of Lemmy and the group. The hardback wholly reveals a unique glimpse into the early steps of one of rocks most legendary icons, Lemmy.