Tom McQ crowdfunds new album ‘Lonely Revolution’ for release on his own ‘Stoned On Love’ record label.

Meet Tom McQ, a wandering wordsmith and quiet national treasure of the Bob Dylan and Paul Simon style. A voice of soul and grit, with unique lyrics and strong melodies.

“This is mod Dylan. Give him the Nobel Prize while he can enjoy it.” – Yack Magazine

Tom McQ is a deep well of inspiration. A musical magpie collecting and reinventing iconic imagery through song and style.” – Way Out Radio

“Tom is a wandering wordsmith. The music lives in him and he’s kind enough to share it with is.” – Yack Magazine

Classic. Iconic. Original. Poetic. Creative. Spiritual.

Tom told Way Out Radio: “I can’t wait to bring this album into the world. Sending loads of positive vibrations and a big cosmic hug!”

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Roving the fine streets of London Town in a paisley shirt, with desert boots and a plectrum mosaiced guitar slung over his fluffy feather cut, Tom McQ is the last troubadour standing. Known to the underground as a national treasure, he’s played alongside them all on his travels of the European rock ‘n’ roll indie scene. Tom has supported Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Snow Patrol, and rubbed shoulders with many musicians on the underground scene who’ve gone on to play with the greats. Tom learned a lot playing alongside Earl Way Lindo of The Wailers. Learnt his craft and honed his skills the real way on the Camden scene and acoustic circuits alongside bands. He’s a one-man band, blowing minds with his guitar. He’s put the graft in as fans get behind the blossoming journey.

Evocative lyricism over skilful acoustic guitar playing is an ever-transcending art, tried by many and perfected by few. McQ channels the greats and is a prolific writer and performer with 200 songs in the bank and 10,000 hours of performance time under his well-worn belt.


His debut EP ‘In Between Stations’ (2018) was critically acclaimed and well received by fans across the UK and beyond. Last year saw McQ reach new heights, headlining a Glastonbury Festival stage and undertaking successful tours of Ireland and Spain. Now Tom is set to mix and master his long-awaited debut album ‘Lonely Revolutions’, a rock ‘n’ roll foundation stone for his future creative path. A mission statement to self and garlic to life’s vampires. Its honest, its real, its unique and it’s born of oppression. Poetic. Creative. Spiritual. Original Rock ‘N’ Roll.

A crowd funder will soon be launched for the recording of the new record.