(Xtra Mile Recordings)


Indie rock troubadour unleashes debut album.

The album hollers in with a haunting piano and harmonica as track one ‘Well Well Well’ resembles a Travis/Athlete sound. London based St Leonard has toured the UK and USA supporting the likes of Bob Dylan, The Libertines and Billy Bragg to name a few which lends itself to his relatable lyrics. Second track ‘Long John Silver’ picks up the pace as the album settles into a collection of indie ballads. In some places the lyrics come off a little rushed and the songs structures are pretty formulaic but the sound of the songs are impressive and make for a gratifying listen, with a lot going on. The strings on ‘Hell & High Water’ take the album to another level of ambition and closing track ‘The Ever Open Door’ leaves you waiting for the next release. Overall the collection is mellow and reflective, with some well written guitar parts. Lead single ‘Rise Up’ is a stand out track.