Cult rock inspired Swedish duo convert to guitar driven darkwave.

Blending all the right influences from UK 80’s post-punk with their Swedish roots, True Moon release their dark and unflinching self-titled debut album. The band was born of the duos mounting frustration with an increasingly sanitised and homogenous Scandinavian musical world and are already rapidly growing into Northern Europe’s most intriguing new guitar band. Melodic punk/dark pop collective Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar) open the album with the epic ‘Voodoo’, sounding like PJ Harvey meets The Kills. With all of the albums vocals recorded in just 90 mins, Karolina comes across as an honest and immediate performer with power in abundance. Then the stark and sensual single ‘Sugar’ is reminiscent of a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s track with its boldness and intensity.

Ending the album with the seductive, Lana Del Rey-esk track ‘Honey’, True Moon leave you in anticipation of new material whilst the album’s theme ‘It is what we do in the shadows which defines us’ leaves you with some soul searching to do.

Paula Frost