An Interview With Sacred Paws


Here are the answers from Rachel Aggs. Thanks! Happy new year.

Your sound is quite jangly and reminiscent of the Sarah Records bands of the 80’s (I can hear a Field Mice influence) but has a modern twist. Would you say you take any influence from that music?

We’ve never discussed what we want our music to sound like so if it comes out sounding reminiscent of anything in particular thats a bonus! Before i met Eilidh i was mostly listening to a mixture of post punk bands like the Raincoats, Kleenex/liliput, delta 5 as well as lots of south African pop music from the 60s. When i joined Golden Grrrls (our band before SP) both Ruari and Eilidh introduced me to bands like The Go Betweens, The Pastles as well as loads of great stuff on Flying Nun records. I was drawn to bands that came to songwriting from a primative punk angle but also wanted to write catchy, tuneful songs that left space for a more sensitive emotional world within them. To me it brought together the sunny happy vibe of the african music i was listening to with the urgency of punk – which is what grabbed me and inspired me to make music in the first place.

How long have the band been together and how did they meet?

We met in 2010 when my other band Trash Kit were on tour and we played with Golden Grrrls in Glasgow. I later joined GGs and we toured and did an album. Eilidh and I started writing music together as SP whilst in golden grrls. Eilidh lives in Glasgow and im in London so after GGs split up we carried on doing SP primarily as an excuse to hang out seeing as we live so far apart!

What’s the music scene like in Glasgow?

Its great, there are so many incredible bands  – Apostile, Happy Meals, Breakfast Muff, Spinning Coin, Current Affairs, to name a few! and new ones starting all the time. I find it a really supportive and welcoming scene and there is a really cool sense of collaboration and fusion between more experimental music making and the diy or punk scene.  

How do you write songs and draw many have you written so far?

We usually write songs together in the practice space, i find it hard to come up with guitar parts unless Eilidh is in the room with me. Musically its always like a conversation between guitar and drums and also lyrically we sing over the top of each other a lot and its often a big jumble of words right up until we record and then we try to straighten it out a bit and figure out what the song might be about.  Song-writing is still a pretty mysterious process for us ! We definitely don’t have a tried and tested method, they just sort of come out… i’ve lost track of how many we’ve written! about 25??

What bands are you listening to at the moment?

My ipod broke so im listening to tapes, the Gauche tape, the Breakfast Muff tape, the new Bamboo tape and a band called Bas Jan, altho they dont have a tape, ive seen them play in london quite a bit recently and their songs are always in my head, they are so good!

Talk us through the new release ‘Strike a Match’ and the writing/ recording process?

Strike A Match is our first full length album and its the longest we’ve ever spent working on a record so we’re really proud of it. Working with Rock Action meant we were able to use a proper studio and take time to flesh out the songs and add lots of different instrumentation. I got to write bass parts, we had Lewis from Happy Meals to play synth on a few tracks and we even got a brass section in!  it was so exciting to hear our songs sounding so big and powerful. Tony Doogan, who we worked with in the studio was really helpful and great at suggesting we try weird new things. 

Whats on the horizon for next year? Tour?

Strike A Match is out at the end of Jan! we play an album launch show at Mono in Glasgow on the 27th and at Cafe Oto on 29th. We will also be doing a proper tour mid Feb with Spinning Coin! dates TBC!


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