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Any hardcore Crass fan will know that the band, fronted by Steve Ignorant, was named after a Bowie lyric “The kids was just Crass”. The lyric oozed across the airways into millions of British kids ears in the 1972 song ‘Ziggy Stardust’. Now fifty years on in 2022, we as fans find ourselves coming full circle with a brand new release.

Limited to just 200 copies and never to be repressed, Steve Ignorant and his band Slice of Life have worked tirelessly on a four track EP of Bowie covers. Finally, we can hear the main man gruff up these glam rock classics and sing the Ziggy Stardust lyrics that inspired so much.

Way Out Radio host DJ Paula Frost said of the release: “I couldn’t be prouder to play a part in this project. I’ve been following Steve and Slice of Life since seeing them at London’s now closed Grosvenor pub about 8 years ago. I have every Crass record and wrote my dissertation on the band’s influence throughout the ‘80s. It’s safe to say not a week goes by without me listening to something related! So getting to know them over the years has been a real honour. Not only are they always open to a chat after a show and a beer at Rebellion but Steve and Carol have always been open to interviews on my radio show and have been beyond encouraging and supportive friends. When the band agreed to this project I was very excited to help bring their music to coloured vinyl! Then when I heard the music they’d made I was blown away! True Crass fans know that the band were named after the Bowie lyric ‘the kids was just Crass’ but have they heard Steve himself sing it? Course they f*$king haven’t! And Steve’s personal contribution of a picture of himself as a kid in his Bowie phase is just perfect and so honest. The first time he’s shown fans that side of him. Hearing him punk up the Bowie classics is spine tingling! I think a lot of jaws will be on the floor with this release. And a lot of turntables will be on repeat!”

The upcoming release of @steve_ignorant ‘s Slice of Life limited edition 10” vinyl, covering the songs of @davidbowie on sale this Friday March 18th @ 8 a.m. PST // 3 p.m. GMT

Only 200 copies (100 of Silly Boy Blue & 1000 of Nazz Fleck ) available @ StayFreeRecordings.BandCamp.com