Listen to the track via the Spotify link above.

On 14th of February 2023, Paula released a surprise song from her forthcoming debut album ‘Mesmeric Sound System’.


The track ‘Caramel’ was inspired by DJ Shadow’s early work and makes use of old hollywood movie dialogue. The song itself mixes trip hop with electronica and touches on DnB turntabilism. Paula scored an orchestra and plays piano on the track which also includes some heavy synth sounds. And as you would expect, some pounding and irresistible drums.

Paula wrote the track in lockdown and her longtime friend and collaborator Joel Stoner took the reigns on sound production. Listen to the song on spotify, keep it on rotation, share it with friends and keep an eye out for a forthcoming video.

Check out the music video below for ‘Orbit’, a previous release by DJ Paula Frost.