It’s a one off event and you need to strike it right with an excellent DJ at the right price. In this blog, I’ll break down how DJs are priced and why.

There’s a big ball park when it comes to price range and a huge difference between say a pub DJ who plugs their laptop in for £150 on Friday night, and a famous DJ who plays for £15k +. But generally, for weddings, corporate events and private parties, I would expect to pay between £500 and £1500 for a quality DJ including 5 hours of DJing and a full setup with lighting. At the top end of that budget you may get the DJ for the full day to cover a wedding ceremony and background music at dinner before a full set at night.


Are you providing the setup or are they? A DJ may bring their own booth, PA system and lighting for your event. You’ll want a top quality sound system such as a Yamaha PA alongside a professional lighting rig. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, your DJ may offer different types of setups. All of this saves you a lot of energy, money and time on sourcing equipment and setting it up. Unless your event is large and has its own sound production team, you should hire a DJ with a full setup.

DJ magnetism

If you want a DJ who has a chart hit or is a celebrity in their own right, you’ll be paying partly for their name. That means their price reflects the fact that just having them there is a crowd draw for your event.

But some DJs have a particular look and unique magnetism alongside a great experience. It goes without saying that the more experienced the DJ, the higher the price they will command. A talented DJ is skilled and has developed the ability to feel the energy of the room and deliver an energising set.

It’s always a good idea to research a prospective DJ before you agree to any contracts or costs. You can check out references and see if they have played similar events previously, that way, you know the DJ that you do eventually hire will be more than qualified for the job.

Event type

The occasion of your event may effect the DJ price. For example a midweek corporate event will be cheaper than a summer Saturday Wedding. And an event lasting three days will get a lower day rate from a DJ. Abroad gigs may incur a lower DJ fee but include flights and hotels.

The set up for a wedding may require more hours and a more personalised touch, so bear this in mind when considering the budget.

Are you looking for the DJ to hype up the crowd or just play background music? The type of entertainment you’re looking for will influence your overall hire costs.

Guest count

A standard DJ’s sound setup usually covers up to 150 guests. More guests means a larger setup and this can mean a higher price. This ensures the speakers are at a good clear volume for your venue and keeps the crowds engaged.

The Venue

The venue and location will effect the price. Your DJ may have to travel over an hour or they may have to pay parking, congestion charge or other tolls. Typically, London and other cities incur a slightly higher cost.

The size of your venue can also impact the lighting and sound package your DJ needs to setup so its good to run this by your DJ by showing them a picture of the room or putting them in touch with a venue coordinator.

Hire Time

It might sound obvious, but one of the biggest factors to consider when hiring a DJ is how long you want their time for. It’s also worth taking into account the preparation and set up times. Your DJ will need to travel to your venue, unpack, set up, play their set, pack up and then travel home again. 

Your event type and format will also have an impact on times and costs. If you’re hiring a DJ for a wedding, you may want them to play background music in between proceedings as well as their main set, which will increase their working hours.

It’s also worth considering the time of year that you are looking to hire a DJ. Christmas, bank holidays and weekends will usually be more expensive.

The Music

Most DJs come armed with an extensive library of tracks spanning all the top genres. But if you want something a little out of their comfort zone, they may have to go shopping for new music which can incur cost.

Secondly, if you’re looking for an exclusive remix then the DJ may charge you extra, or it could be included in the overall price. It’s worth double checking.

When it comes to weddings, I’d recommend that you select your must play songs ahead of time to ensure the DJ prioritises them.

In conclusion

If you want an expert to take over the pressure of keeping the floor filled and the atmosphere of your event buzzing, hire a decent DJ with great reviews and be willing to go slightly above your budget. After all, they are entertaining for five hours, interacting with guests and providing equipment so they deserve a fair price. There’s no harm in calling a few DJs and asking them a list of questions to feel out the market.

We’ve covered a lot of factors which effect the price of a DJ in this blog so keep them considered. The tips in this article will help ensure you hire the very best DJ to make your night one that’s talked about years later!